Matt Moore

UCLA • Oregon State • Dallas Cowboys • Carolina Panthers • Miami Dolphins

"Flex has the ability to help provide the comfort to parents to let their kids play football. This provides the avenue into football that was lacking previously."

Andy Levitre

Oregon State • Buffalo Bills • Tennessee Titans • Atlanta Falcons

"Flex has opened the door to players that would have never considered football previously. If we can get more kids playing the sport we know and love in a safer environment, then we all win."

Nick Roach

Linebacker - Northwestern • San Diego Chargers • Chicago Bears • Oakland Raiders

"Flex Football is not only a fresh way to experience the game, but someday, will be what we look back on and pinpoint as what truly preserved our game."

Tyler Clutts

Fullback - Fresno State • Cleveland Browns • Chicago Bears • Houston Texans • Miami Dolphins • Dallas Cowboys

"Flex football is the platform that our sport has needed for years. It gives our youth the opportunity to either play or supplement the game of football in an environment that teaches the fundamentals while limiting exposure to high impact collisions. As a parent, this gives us peace of mind that our children are being taught, while being protected."

Scott Shanle

Linebacker & Super Bowl XLIV Champion - Nebraska • St. Louis Rams • Dallas Cowboys • New Orleans Saints

"I’d rather have my son play Flex over tackle in the fall because I feel the Flex game looks like the games we watch on Sundays (NFL). I can actually teach fundamentals and they are applied with Flex."

Jon Compas

Offensive Guard - Oakland Raiders • Tampa Bay Buccaneers • New England Patriots • Washington Redskins

"When your players get an additional 20 reps per day in the soft-shells, that's 100 reps per week . . . do the math. In a month, each player reps his hand placement and footwork 400 times. Try to tell me Flex Football won't give you an edge when you put the pads on."

  • We believe in Rocksolid's mission of creating a safer experience and reinvigorating the game of football among young players. Joey and his team are dedicated and passionate about their work and we're proud to call them our partners.
    Rob Wechsler, Founder & Managing Partner, Blue Star Innovation Partners


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