The foundation of a great football player is having the skills and knowledge to do what your position requires within the framework of a team. This education starts early and evolves with each step of the game. The Flex Academy was designed to serve as a resource for players, coaches and parents who are already playing or interested in Flex Football.


Modern Football in a Limited-Contact Environment

The game is designed to look and feel like real football with traditional point scoring, first downs, common fouls and penalties. Play is fast-paced yet controlled to retain the integrity of real football, while maintaining a safer, limited-contact environment. Here are the general rules of Flex Football:

  • No tackling: Players are marked down by having flag pulled, 2-hand touch or tag-off
  • No shoulder blocking: “Hands first” blocking is the only way to block
  • No bull rushing
  • No 3-point stances
  • Blitzes are limited to 1 per new set of downs
  • No A-gap blitzes on the line of scrimmage
  • Running is allowed and encouraged
  • QB’s can only run past line of scrimmage if blitzed


More Games. More Participants

The field configurations within Flex Football are designed to increase the maximum capacity for participation within a league. Flex adjusts and scales field layouts to compensate for younger players so they can experience what feels like a more realistic game.


Adding Flex to Increase Your League's Growth

Flex Football was designed for easy integration into existing platforms. Three keys to a successful program are education, recruiting and registration — processes that can prove challenging without the right support. We provide a robust launch package that includes flyers, email marketing assets and social content. Our materials can be customized with your logos, URL addresses and messaging, with industry leading graphics to make sure your league stands out and gets looked at. The process is simple:

  • THE GAME: We consult on how to best integrate Flex into your platform
  • THE GEAR: Flex Helmets and Shoulder Pads are built into the registration process
  • MARKETING: Our Launch packages help you recruit from your current database & new participants

Here's How:

  • 2. We'll reach out to you with an Introductory Call to discuss details
  • 3. We'll Finalize Details and a Partnership Agreement is signed
  • 4. Launch Call to discuss your league's style, ages & structure
  • 5. Advise you on the best Flex fit for your league's goals & growth
  • 6. Registration Preparation: Gear Order (if applicable) and Website Assets
  • 7. Open Registration for players, payments and gear ordering
  • 8. Watch your league, players and fans grow with Flex Football!


The Most Important Way to Maximize League Registration

We want you to grow. Strong football operators are crucial to helping us expand the football industry and standardize the game through innovative and consistent messaging. The single most important thing you can do to gain registration is to educate and inform. We've recruited the best designers, photographers and social content creators to help build a second-to-none system of marketing materials to help you see incredible results. Our launch packages immediately illustrate the differences, advantages and benefits of Flex on its own or when integrated into existing styles of play.

Action and legwork on the operator's behalf is essential to ensuring a successful first season, but we'll give you the resources to leverage your existing relationships and maximize new sign-ups for initial launch. We're seeing incredible growth numbers for our partners, but we can’t take all the credit.

Base Package Includes:

*Included free with most Start-Up Flex Leagues

  • (3) Parent facing Flyers - "What is Flex"
  • (3) Parent facing Flyers - "Register Now"
  • (3) Parent facing Social Posts - "What is Flex"
  • (3) Parent facing Social Posts - "Register Now"
  • (10) Flex Library Photos to represent appropriate Flex style of play
  • (1) Flex Sizzle Video

Premier Package Includes:

*Results show significantly increased registration

  • (6) Parent facing Flyers - "What is Flex"
  • (6) Parent facing Flyers - "Register Now"
  • (6) Parent facing Social Posts - "What is Flex"
  • (6) Parent facing Social Posts - "Register Now"
  • (20) Flex Library Photos to represent appropriate Flex style of play
  • (1) Flex Sizzle Video
  • (3) Additional Flex Video Clips